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free shipping this Week On all orders

About Us

Here at CeeBeeDoo® we understand how much love and devotion a human being can have for his dog that is why we looked for the best form of showing this love to your dog.

And this is how CeeBeeDoo was born. Because we all know that a portion of healthy and organic food is the best way of treating your dog right. CeeBeeDoo comes in many flavors because once again we took care of having the most innovative products on the market.

We want to rise as high as we can the dog nutrition standard because our pets deserve the best. Our hemp treats are the most organically products that you can find and we guarantee you that our food products will make your dog enjoy the greatest quality of life possible.

CeeBeeDoo is ready to help your dog and you too!
We have strong connections with all dog lovers communities so we can keep ourselves up to date with the latest dog nutrition trends.Our mission started from the desire of making dogs lives more enjoyable and we will stick to this idea no matter what. Our team of specialist and veterinaries took care of making CeeBeeDoo hemp treats the safest and tasty food on the market.

We are sure your dog can smell this from miles away. Let’s write this dog story together!