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Using CBD for Dogs with Aggression: How It Can Help

Using CBD for Dogs with Aggression: How It Can Help

Aggressive dogs are often misunderstood, especially if the breed is tied to a particular stereotype. This is not something that dogs are born with. Most dogs develop aggressive behaviors as a response to their fear and an unstable environment. One way to calm down a dog with immense anxiety and aggression is through CBD treats.

Before diving into how CBD can help dogs, you must first understand how aggression can develop in dogs.

Why do Dogs Get Aggressive?

Dogs naturally have the instinct to protect themselves and their kin from others, so when they are used to an environment where it is necessary, they revert to such behaviors more frequently. If you have adopted or are looking into adopting a dog from the shelter, you need to know that dogs may come from different places—possibly traumatic. 

Strays usually have to fend themselves from cars, humans, and other street dogs. Aggression may have worked for them as a means to survive. If they were once trained to be aggressive dogs or come from abusive homes, they might also have the same response. These dogs may like you as their new owners but may wrongfully show aggression towards guests. 

How Does CBD Oil Work for Aggression?

First, let’s get this misconception out of the way. CBD will not get your dog “high.”

Cannabidiol or CBD is an oil extracted from hemp plants that are cousins to the Cannabis plant. They may be cousins, but they don’t have the same effect. Without THC, CBD can help reduce the anxiety and aggression of humans and dogs. In reasonable amounts, it is 100 percent safe for your dog to consume.

CBD dog treats are made with just the correct dose of CBD to help pets calm down by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors. They come in dog-favorite flavors and are made with other healthy components, so they also taste delicious.   

Besides helping dogs with aggression, CBD was also found to be helpful in other conditions. Studies such as those conducted by the University of Colorado found that 89 percent of dogs that took CBD were less likely to get seizures.

While there are plenty of benefits from eating these treats, it is still best to check with your veterinarian to see if they are safe for your dog and if they will work. Every dog is different, so all you need is reassurance from a professional that it is okay for your dog in particular.


Understanding the effects of CBD on dogs with aggression can help you decide on whether or not it will suit your dog. CBD treats aren’t a cure for aggression, as this is a behavior that a dog has to unlearn through positive reinforcement. However, such treats can help manage their fits and contribute to positive changes in personality.

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