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4 Tense Situations for Dogs That CBD Can Address Effectively

4 Tense Situations for Dogs That CBD Can Address Effectively

Calming hemp products for dogs have been around for a while now. Before the pandemic, they were primarily used to curb separation anxiety as the owner goes to work while the pet waits at home. Now that many are stuck in the house, you may think these treats are a thing of the past. However, that is only a limited view. Consider the following dog anxiety-inducing activities your furry friend can be exposed to: 

Loud thunderstorms

Dogs are not huge fans of loud noises, especially thunder and lightning, during intense rainfall. They would often bark in retaliation, cower in the bathroom, or pull apart household objects to ease their stress. By far, retreating to enclosed spaces is the most common reaction since they are looking for areas with less static electricity in the air. 

Fortunately, you can use positive reinforcement by using premium CBD treats to get your dogs to sit next to you. Doing this is almost like directly communicating to them that everything is okay because you are there with them. Just note that it may take some getting used to before they get the message. 


Your dog can get exposed to loud noises, smoke, flashing lights, and other barking dogs in the background when there are fireworks, especially during the holidays or family gatherings. This scenario can become more common in the future as the COVID-19 guidelines ease little by little. Luckily, you don’t have to wonder about what you can give your dog for fireworks anxiety because the answer is simple: CBD treats! Just have a proper strategy in mind. 

All you need to do is bring your dog indoors into the quietest room in your house, turn on the lights, the air conditioner, and the television. First, you have to get them to relax, ideally without the treats first to nurture self-discipline. Then, you can bring out the best CBD dog treats, leave them for a while, and enjoy the fireworks for a bit. Just be prepared to clean up their mess afterward! 

Long car rides

Dogs respond to road trips in different ways. Some of them want to jump into the car right away, while others need a bit more time before they are comfortable and ready to go into the vehicle. Whatever the case, the real test starts when they have to sit there for hours. Normally, they would become frantic since they are in a smaller space than what they are used to, and it is moving. To ease their motion sickness and anxiety, use premium CBD treats. 

Visiting the vet clinic 

Dogs may have short-term memory recall, but they can associate danger with hurtful experiences. In effect, they can become hostile due to injections, cages, loud barks, and the sight of sharp objects. All of these come with every vet clinic, and unfortunately, your pooch has to go there to ensure good health and well-being. The good news is you can use their favorite CBD treats to calm them down or even reward them after a successful check-up! 


Dogs may generally be happy-go-lucky, friendly creatures, but they have a range of emotions too, like anger, fear, and anxiety. They also associate negative feelings with tough experiences, like the ones listed above. Fortunately, all of them can be manageable with the right hemp-infused snacks, positive training, and patience. Stock up on CBD products for pets to reap the benefits! 

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