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Should You Treat Dog Allergies with CBD Products?

Should You Treat Dog Allergies with CBD Products?

Many people rely on CBD for the benefits it offers to the human body. However, a handful of people purchase it not for themselves, but for their pets. In fact, it’s often used on dogs to support their allergies! Just like us, dogs do have allergies that can lead to discomfort, and we pet owners want to ensure these dogs do not feel uncomfortable to live the happiest life possible!

So, does CBD actually help dogs with allergies? That is just one of the questions we are going to be answering in this article.

Is CBD safe for dog use?

The first question you may have in your mind is if CBD is even safe for dog use. The short answer is yes! In fact, there are CBD products that are made specifically for dogs, including treats. However, if you want to delve into other things like oils, isolate is the best choice. This is because CBD isolate contains no psychoactive substance such as THC that gives users the feeling of being high. This makes it suitable for dogs and in treating their allergies.

What allergies do dogs experience?

If you're wondering what allergies dogs do have exactly, there's a few. First, food allergies can be developed. Symptoms include rashes, flaky skin, vomiting, sneezing, swelling, diarrhea, and a few others that can occur when a dog eats something that contains a substance they are allergic to. Second, environmental allergies can also occur. Things like pollen and mites can cause allergic reactions with symptoms of itchy skin, paws, and face. None of these are comforting to the dog, and if you notice your furry friends experiencing any negative symptoms when they eat or get in contact with something, chances are they are experiencing allergic symptoms.

Is CBD effective at tackling dog allergies?

CBD has been found to be incredibly effective at helping dogs alleviate the discomfort they feel from allergies. It works by enhancing the dog's immune system, which, in turn, reduces the symptoms the dog experiences. Also, it can even help the immune system stop creating a reaction altogether.

What other benefits does CBD have for dogs?

Apart from alleviating discomfort, CBD has plenty of other benefits that dogs can enjoy. For example, it can help to reduce inflammation, which rolls right into another benefit CBD has to offer: pain relief. Soreness and swellings can hurt dogs, leaving them uncomfortable. Thanks to the substance’s ability to reduce inflammation, pain is relieved. All in all, CBD works well in bringing comfort to the dogs by reducing the pain and allergies they are experiencing.


All in all, CBD is an excellent product not only for humans but for their furry friends. Dogs can experience about as much pain as we humans do, and just like how this substance can help reduce the pain we feel, it can also help dogs feel less pain. As such, if you are looking to try CBD products for your dogs, there are plenty of treats out there you can feed them to help them enjoy a more pain-free and comfortable life. That being said, here is a little warning for you: Dogs can also develop an allergy to CBD. Symptoms include dry mouth, lethargy, and even nausea. If you see your dog experiencing any of these, be sure to consult your veterinarian before further use.

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