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Is It Legal to Give CBD To Your Dog? | CeeBeeDoo

Is It Legal to Give CBD To Your Dog? | CeeBeeDoo

You may have heard of CBD and the benefits it is said to have for pets. However, there are also lots of questions surrounding the topic too. Mainly areas such as – “is it legal to give CBD oil to your dog?” or whether it is legal in your state. There are many gray areas when it comes to CBD, and some states have no issues with hemp products, whereas other states say it is outright illegal to use CBD products.

So what is CBD oil, and what are the benefits? 

CBD oil is a compound that is found in cannabis plants. It can be confused with the psychoactive compound THC, which is the thing that makes you high. However, hemp oil or pet CBD oil has small amounts of THC (below 0.3%) and is said to have health benefits to the body. 

CBD is a wellness trend that has flourished in the past few years. It is suggested that this compound might help with a range of issues such as anxiety, insomnia, skin complaints, and pain. Although these findings have come from human applications, it is said that pets may also experience the same benefits. Initial research has looked at how CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which is the system that controls cell-signaling. It has been said it might help balance this system and potentially support physical and mental health.

Is CBD legal in my state?

Some of the main questions from pet owners are - is CBD for pets legal, and it is legal in the state you live? 

There are a few elements to this answer. The psychoactive compound THC and marijuana are illegal in federal law. However, the same laws have declassified CBD as a controlled substance. On a state level, industrial hemp can be grown, but this is subject to state law, and some hemp derived products are not allowed.

There are three main classifications on whether CBD is legal in a state:

  • CBD is legal without restrictions
  • CBD is legal with restrictions such as it can’t be sold if included in food or drink products
  • CBD is illegal

So the answer to “is CBD for dogs legal?” all depends on where you live.

Some states have no restrictions on hemp CBD products. So the answer to “are hemp dog treats legal in these areas?” is yes. These include:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington

There are also a few places where it is illegal, such as South Dakota. This state is said to be one of the most stringent when it comes to laws surrounding the compound. It only recognizes Epidiolex as a controlled substance or prescription drug. Anything else is illegal, including possession of CBD oil. 

In other states such as North Carolina, they may have restrictions on CBD products, including selling food or drinks containing CBD. This may also apply to CBD dog treats. In certain areas, medical marijuana is also recognized, but rules and regulations depend on the location.

Are CBD Oils for pets legal?

In many cases, pet owners won’t need to worry too much as long as the products you buy are 0.3 THC or below. This means that they conform to most of the laws surrounding CBD and ensures the compounds have no psychoactive properties.

When it comes to recommending CBD products, using a trusted brand or supplier is vital. Top-quality producers use industrial hemp, which is legally grown and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients for your pets.

Some companies may not be able to ship to specific locations, but this is now quite rare. It is best to check the details of shipping before ordering treats for your pets.

Choosing good quality products from trusted brands

There are many CBD treats that are specially designed for dogs, cats, and other pets. However, it is essential to do your research before buying. The ingredients and quality of the products should be suitable for your pet’s needs. Some products may be made with other elements that could be harmful to pets. For example, there is a sugar-free sweetener called xylitol that is sometimes added to improve the taste. This is toxic for dogs and might make them ill. However, it is also not really known about until it happens. If there are ingredients on the label you are unsure of, do a quick search to check.

Look for brands that have lots of reviews and see the feedback on the products to help make the best choice. You can also see other people’s experiences, and although there are no known side effects of CBD treats for dogs, this will give you a guide on dosage and what other pet owners have used the oil for.

Where to buy CBD products for pets

As mentioned above, the state you live in determines whether CBD can be purchased and used in accordance with the law. In some states, you may be able to buy products online at various retailers. However, some states, such as Alabama, require a doctor’s recommendation from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In other locations, such as Tennessee, you can also only purchase CBD oil products from the state or within the US.

As CBD can be quite a gray area, it is always best to check the local laws if you are unsure. Most importantly, choosing a brand that fits your pet’s needs is essential as CBD is said to help with a host of ailments to improve their health and wellbeing.

The laws are changing all the time on a federal and state basis, so be sure to check out the most up to date information on the government website. If you are considering hemp or hemp-derived products overseas, there are also specific laws regarding bringing it into the United States to be aware of.


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