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Healthiest Treats for Dogs | CeeBeeDoo

Healthiest Treats for Dogs | CeeBeeDoo

In the same way as humans, dogs take great pleasure in chomping down on a good snack. In fact, they’ll happily gorge on pretty much anything if given a chance. Dog owners, however, know that isn’t good for their health. Certain snacks will cause them to put on weight, while others can even be toxic.

To help you out, here’s a roundup of the healthiest treats for dogs.

Fruits and vegetables

In the same way, they’re great for humans, many different fruits and vegetables are also a fantastic treat for dogs. They’re low in calories while high in nutrients, and it’s even better if you pick organic options free from artificial preservatives. Plus they’re typical food staples that will normally be sitting in your kitchen at any one time.

Here are a few examples of fruit and veg your dogs will love:

  • Sweet potato: It may not be the most convenient option on the list, but cooked sweet potatoes are excellent for dogs due to all the vitamins, minerals, and beta-carotene they contain. Just know you must cook them; raw potatoes are not good on a dog’s digestive system.
  • Green beans: Due to being a great source of fiber and greens, green beans are another healthy treat for dogs. Note: skip the seasoning when cooking the beans – plain is better for pooches.
  • Carrots: Carrots are loaded with vitamins such as beta carotene. When serving up to your dog, avoid feeding them in the same way as a reindeer – certain dog breeds will simply swallow the carrot instead of chewing!
  • Watermelon: After a hot summer’s day running around a park, a dog would love to snack on some watermelon due to its hydrating nature. It’s also full of beneficial goodness. Remember not to give the dog any of the rind or seeds.

Peanut butter

Dogs love peanut butter. If you ever crack open a jar of it, it’s like a Bat-Signal for your furry friend to bounce into the kitchen hoping for a spoonful of the sticky treat. The good news is that peanut butter is packed with good stuff, including healthy fats, protein, niacin, and vitamins B and E.

However, there are a few points to consider before you start handing over peanut butter to your dog. Firstly, there are certain brands that can be deadly for canines. This is because these brands have switched to the sweetener xylitol, an ingredient that’s toxic to dogs.

Less serious – but still worthy of mention – is the calorific nature of peanut butter. It may feature natural ingredients, yet these are rich in protein and fats. As a result, only give your dog small amounts of unsalted peanut butter each day.

Brown rice

Brown rice, along with other grains, is found in many different commercial dog foods. This isn’t simply to add filler, either. Brown rice is a nutritious food type for dogs, providing them with valuable minerals and B vitamins.

Keep in mind that brown rice contains a lot of calories. This means you have to be considerate of serving size; otherwise, your dog could quickly pile on the pounds. There’s also a reason why grain-free dog food exists. While it’s a rare condition, a small number of dogs have an allergy to grains. So before you start feeding your dog brown rice on the regular, ensure it is not a substance that will cause them harm.


When you see how much dog food contains the ingredient, it goes without saying that chicken is a safe food choice for your pooch.

In fact, it boasts several health benefits. If your dog’s diet is missing out on protein, forget about pet food that only has a watered-down taste of chicken – serve them up the real deal. Portions of cooked, unseasoned chicken are significant for building up your dog’s muscles. Additionally, the Omega-6 fatty acids contained in the meat promote healthy skin and shiny coats.

Just remember: before you place the chicken in your dog’s bowl, always check that no bones are present.


As far as natural dog treats go, few are as fun as popcorn. They’re the perfect snack to enjoy together. Grab a big bowl of popcorn, shovel a handful in your mouth, and then throw a few air-popped kernels in their direction. It’s a good way of testing your dog’s eye-mouth coordination! Plus popcorn can help with their digestion and eye health.

As you probably expect, you can’t simply give your dog any variety of popcorn you find. For a start, it should be unbuttered and unsalted. Also, ensure no kernels – even partially popped ones – reach your dog. Not only are these are a potential choking hazard, but they can get trapped in your dogs’ teeth. To avoid any possible issues, there are dog-specific popcorn treats available.

Jerky sticks

Our friends at Rocco Roxie have created gourmet jerky sticks that are specifically designed for dogs. Forget about needing to get dog chews – they can have enough fun chewing on these yummy jerky treats!

While these jerky sticks are pricier than your standard dog treats, you’re paying for premium quality. They’re not added with any unnecessary filler or products that are bad for pooches. The primary ingredient is high-quality, American-sourced beef, turkey, or chicken.

They also work as great training treats for your dog. When searching for training treats, you seek a product that dogs desire. Furthermore, you want something that will keep your hands and pockets clean. Well, this is exactly what these dog-specific jerky sticks supplies.

Hemp treats

Now we weren’t going to avoid talking about specialist hemp dog treats. These are good treats for several different reasons. They supply natural nourishment, with hemp oil being rich in beneficial Omega fatty acids.

Aside from nutrition, hemp treats might be ideal for the mental health of your dog. With the possibility of helping to alleviate pain, they might also be able to supply your pooch with relief from anxiety and keep them calm during situations they normally find stressful.

There are many hearty treats available for dogs. Certain ones offer more than others, but all of those listed above deliver deliciousness alongside much-needed health benefits.


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