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CBD Treats For Pain Relief

CBD Treats For Pain Relief

CBD is a much talked about wellness trend that has risen in popularity across the globe. However, it’s not just humans that are suggested to feel the benefits, its pets too.  There is tons of information on the Internet, but it can be confusing to digest everything. With any wellbeing supplement, it’s also important to determine what works for your pet’s needs and what could potentially benefit their long-term health. To help you find out more about CBD products, this article will delve into the basics of CBD oils for dogs and CBD’s suggested benefits for a range of ailments. 

For pet owners, giving your furry friends the best quality of life for many years to come is a top priority, so take a look at our guide to CBD dog treats for pain.

What is CBD oil?

CBD originates from the hemp plant or as it is otherwise known as the cannabis plant. It can often be confused with the psychoactive sister compound THC. However, CBD does not get you high. Over the years, it has been suggested that CBD has benefits for health and wellness, although there is no firm studies or lab tests to show this currently. CBD is said to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is the place that helps to balance the body and mind and keep it in a healthy state.

How does CBD affect dogs? 

While there are no definitive studies on how CBD affects either humans or pets, there is anecdotal evidence that it can help a range of ailments and alleviate pain. This is said to be due to CBD’s inflammatory properties, including a selection of others.

What conditions are pet CBD said to treat? 

As mentioned above, there is lots of talk online about the suggested benefits of CBD for humans. Similar benefits have also been suggested for pets. The main areas that CBD could potentially help treat include:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inflammation
  • Epilepsy
  • Noise phobia

One of the main aspects that many pet owners talk about is how CBD has helped alleviate pain and increase mobility. There is also no scientific evidence that CBD has side effects. Still, with any wellness suppleness not approved by the FDA, some caution is advised alongside determining the right CBD dosage for your pet.

Possible side effects of CBD 

While there are said to be no known and harmful side effects, some aspects have been found for humans on a small scale. These include: 

  • Dry mouth – CBD may decrease saliva production, so this would increase thirst in your dog.
  • Low blood pressure – CBD may have some effect in lowering blood pressure for a short time, which could cause light-headedness.
  • Drowsiness – some pet owners have said that dogs have experienced tiredness, especially with the calming CBD effects and higher doses.

What to look out for when choosing high-quality CBD products? 

If you’re looking for good quality products, then there are a few things to look out for. Not all CBD products are made with the same high standards. As the FDA does not yet approve these products, there can be some significant differences in how they are made and the ingredients used. Some ingredients can also be harmful to pets, so it’s vital to research before buying supplements. 

Some of the main areas to consider when choosing CBD for pain relief include:

Choose organic products 

Organic and natural ingredients are the best options when choosing any wellness supplement for your pet. Look out for organic certifications and research where the company makes the product. High-quality products also have a much better chance of actually working, as there are no irrelevant ingredients in the mix.

Quality over price 

We’re programmed to shop for the best prices. However, when it comes to choosing CBD products, this should not be the deciding factor. Naturally, higher quality demands and higher prices. Cheaper alternatives may have additives in them that can cause harm or decrease the potency of the CBD effects.

Check the ingredient list and analysis 

A reputable manufacturer of CBD products will provide a certificate to show you what ingredients and amount of CBD are in the product. Most CBD dog treats only have a small amount of CBD. However, it is also vital to check they have low levels of THC or are THC free.

Be aware of some natural ingredients

While natural is mostly best for your pet, some ingredients can be harmful. An example includes xylitol, which is a natural sweetener in some products. It’s also important to remember that many products will be processed somehow, so checking the ingredients is crucial.

Watch the CBD dosage 

There is no specific dosage chart when giving your dogs wellness supplements such as CBD treats for pain relief. However, there will be some guidelines on the best amounts for your pet’s body weight. This can be adjusted according to how they react to it and their ailment. Much like anything you give your dog, watch out for any changes in their overall health. As a pet owner, you’ll know when something isn’t quite right, so be vigilant with differences in their character and behaviors. 

As mentioned above, there are some side effects to watch out for. Still, these are suggested to be minimal if experienced at all. Of course, any food and treats should be kept out of reach of curious and hungry dogs as excessive consumption could also lead to other issues such as stomach upset and diarrhea. CBD treats should also be used sparingly compared to other goodies, and while they may aid training, too many could make your dog unwell. 

Ask your vet if unsure 

If you’re unsure about what to give your pet and need advice, pets can help. They will advise on the best products, including alternatives to supplements such as training and exercise techniques. 


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