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CBD for Old Dogs, Can CBD Help Old Dogs | CeeBeeDoo

CBD for Old Dogs, Can CBD Help Old Dogs | CeeBeeDoo

Can CBD Help Old Dogs?

More and more pet owners are discovering the benefits of CBD for their beloved animals. Although there is no conclusive data that proves CBD oil or hemp oil — derived from the seeds of the marijuana plant — are able to successfully treat common conditions in senior dogs such as chronic pain and joint pain, people up and down the country are increasingly turning to CBD based products.

Interested to know if CBD products could be the right choice for your aging dog?  

Keep reading to find out!

What is Dog CDB Oil?

CBD oil is derived from a specific strain of cannabis known as hemp. But before you start to worry about your pet experiencing a “high”, CBD oil does not contain large amounts of psychoactive compound THC. Hemp oil is regulated by law to contain only small amounts of THC.

Hemp oil also contains cannabidiol, which is the compound that is widely associated with the health benefits of CBD oil and CBD products (although we as a company cannot support or endorse any of the claimed health benefits of CBD products, nor have these benefits and the surround research been approved by the FDA). Cannabidiol is widely thought to affect the endocannabinoid system which regulates several functions within the body including metabolism, anxiety, the immune system and digestion.

Your dog has its own endocannabinoid system and when it ingests dog CBD oil or CBD pet products, it may lead to a stabilization of the above body functions, which in turn, could potentially help with pain management and other health issues that are common in senior dogs.  

Although we cannot yet claim that CBD products can “definitively” treat or cure any human or pet-related health conditions — as these products have not yet been approved by the FDA to do so — research is ongoing. We hope that in the not too distant future, further evidence will emerge to support our belief in CBD for old dogs and will demonstrate the positive effects that it can have on your pet’s life.

What Health Problems Do Older Dogs Typically Suffer With?

As with humans, when your dog starts to age, certain aspects of their body and overall health will start to deteriorate. This includes common issues such as:

Chronic Pain

Senior dogs are prone to experiencing pain, either from injury, surgery or from a progressive disease such as arthritis. As a pet owner, of course, you will want to find ways to assuage any kind of chronic pain in your dog, but you also may be worried about whether the long-term use of prescription medications can have serious side effects on your pet.


Another common ailment in older dogs is inflammation from chronic conditions which can also cause a great deal of pain or discomfort. Although there are anti-inflammatory drugs available for your dog, again, these are not without side effects.  

Separation Anxiety

Owners of an aging dog will often experience issues with separation anxiety, which can manifest itself in the form of shaking or becoming extremely anxious when you try to leave. It may also involve excessive panting, pacing and licking.

Separation anxiety can be a very upsetting experience for both you as a pet owner and for your dog.

How Can I Find Safe CBD Products for My Aging Dog?

We understand that your dog is like another member of your family and that you want to ensure that any CBD oil that you give them is as safe as possible. Unfortunately, due to high demand, there has been a sudden influx of low quality, and even fake CBD products on the market for pets, which is why the FDA is so concerned with regulating this industry.

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can ensure that the CBD products that you choose for your aging dog are high quality:

  • Look for hemp oil products that are specifically designed for dogs
  • Choose organic CBD products that do not contain harmful pesticides
  • Check that the dog CBD oil has been third-party tested
  • Check out reviews from previous customers

Here at CeeBeeDoo, our delicious and nutritious organic hemp treats come in a variety of different flavours including beef, chicken, turkey and cheese, meaning that your aging dog can enjoy CBD, no matter what their preferred taste.

What are you waiting for?

Why not see if our CBD pet treat range can help your dog to live a happier and healthier life today?