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CBD for Noise Sensitivity in Dogs: Here’s What to Know

CBD for Noise Sensitivity in Dogs: Here’s What to Know

We’ve all experienced getting startled over a sudden loud noise. And while it might be a temporary kick that we end up laughing off, the case is quite different for our canine friends. 

Fur parents are all too familiar with the sight of our beloved pets shaking and cowering in the corner with panic. And this often happens when loud noises such as thunder and fireworks occur. 

With heightened hearing, dogs can be pretty sensitive to noise. And loud noises can really cause anxiety in our poor fur babies. So what can we do to help our pets in these situations? Well, CBD for dogs might just be the solution for your dog’s noise sensitivities. 

What Are Noise Sensitivities in Dogs?

Noise sensitivities refer to fear-induced behaviors that result from loud and sudden noises. In dogs, this hypersensitivity to sound could lead to excessive panting, pooping, uncontrollable shaking, urinating, dog nausea, and many other behaviors. What’s worse is that these behaviors don’t always stop when the noise does. Sometimes, they could persist for hours. 

What Causes Noise Sensitivities in Dogs?

Research shows that sudden loud noises do indeed intensify the discomfort in dogs. And it actually makes sense. As humans, we can quickly get over our initial reaction to loud noises and dismiss them because we can identify the source. 

When you hear a glass break in the other room, you tense up for a fraction of a moment because it is unexpected. But then, you are able to identify that it is simply glass, and there’s no real threat there.

But if you think about it, if you hear a sudden loud noise and don’t know where it’s coming from, it could make you feel anxious. For example, you are awakened in the middle of the night by a loud noise. However, you hear it from inside your house, and you live alone. Your body immediately recognizes the potential for danger and tenses up. Your heart starts beating faster, and you start sweating. This reaction from your body will only stop once you are sure you’re safe.

Since dogs aren’t able to comprehend some noises like we can, they might have a similar experience to the scenario mentioned above. They perceive these noises as threats, and thus, their body reacts accordingly. They’re in discomfort because they think that they’re in danger even when they’re not.

How CBD Oil Helps with Noise Sensitivities in Dogs

Since we can’t really prevent these noises from happening, what can we do to help our poor little fur babies? Well, CBD for dogs can help manage their stress. CBD dog treats can be an option, but CBD oil might be a slightly better option for noise sensitivities. Not only does CBD oil have a calming effect on your dogs, but it also supports joint flexibility and mobility. This can help when your dog is all tensed up and stiff from the noise sensitivities. Some studies also show that CBD for dogs can have other benefits for your pets


Seeing our pets in discomfort is definitely something we hate to see. While we can’t predict when loud noises will come, we can always try our best to be there for our beloved pets. Whether it’s getting the best CBD dog treats for their anxiety or simply petting them on the head when they’re afraid, our dogs will definitely appreciate the love we give them.

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