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CBD for Dogs: Can Organic CBD Make My Dog Hungrier?

CBD for Dogs: Can Organic CBD Make My Dog Hungrier?

Cannabidiol or CBD has been gaining attention in the medical world as a substance beneficial to human health. It has been shown to have positive effects on people with anxiety and insomnia. But is it possible for these benefits to translate dogs as well? How well do CBD dog treats actually work? CBD is harmless to humans, and you’d be surprised to know that it works well for dogs too. 

Can CBD Help My Dog’s Appetite?

One of the effects of recreational marijuana is increasing appetite or “giving you the munchies.” The misconception that the same result would happen if you use CBD on dogs who have not been in the mood to eat recently. This is a myth for two reasons:

CBD and Recreational Marijuana Are Two Different Things

The munchies you get when smoking weed do not manifest when you consume pure CBD. While cannabidiol is one of marijuana’s active ingredients, it does not produce the same effect. You don’t even get high when taking CBD. The same can be said about the munchies. Craving for food or sudden hunger pangs can be attributed more to THC, which is not commonly present in CBD products for humans and dogs.

CBD Is Not Meant to Induce Hunger

CBD’s health benefits relieve anxiety and help people struggling with insomnia. People with these conditions may suffer from the loss of appetite as part of the symptoms. CBD can alleviate their condition and restore their appetite, but only because it addresses other root causes of a diminished appetite. It does not actually make them hungrier or feel underfed. 

In short, CBD will not induce hunger in your dog. The hunger or triggering of munchies comes from THC, which is removed from CBD dog treats as much as possible. The treats shouldn’t provoke weird cravings of any kind.

Why Should I Give My Dog CBD Treats?

CBD is likely to have similar effects on dogs as they do in humans. Many dogs live with anxiety or depression due to fear of abandonment, healing from a terrible wound, or other traumatic experiences. It could also be a problem with their upbringing. This could be causing their lack of appetite. CBD may help them get through this by managing their anxieties and fears to restore them to a mentally healthy state.

In addition, CBD treats are both nutritional and delicious. They are organic and taste like any other dog treat. Studies have also shown that CBD can help improve metabolism. So if that is something your dog has been struggling with, these treats are perfect for their tummies. CBD is safe for them to ingest and enjoy, and it can help them improve their spirits.


Feeding your dogs CBD treats isn’t the same as “getting your dog high.” These treats can help your dog get good nutrition. They are completely harmless and different from recreational cannabis. You can think of them as organic treats that can ease your furry best friend’s nerves. 

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