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8 Fun Ways to Give Your Dog Hemp Dog Treats | CeeBeeDoo

8 Fun Ways to Give Your Dog Hemp Dog Treats | CeeBeeDoo


For many people, a dog is not just a pet, but also a member of the family. There’s nothing like seeing that wagging tail as you get home from work or the excitement when you get the treats jar out. There is a special bond between owners and pets, and a great way to celebrate this love is by treating them every now and then. Treats are often a great way to enforce good behavior, and you’re also teaching your dog simple commands and tricks to help them learn new skills.

Using treats is the perfect way to minimize bad behavior and strengthen the bond between you. Much like the techniques used by professional dog trainers, positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to teach your dog. So, look at some of the fun training methods to use for a range of different tricks and obedience skills.

Use fun treat dispenser toys

A straightforward way to reward your dog is to use treat dispenser toys. The fun part about these toys is that they make it difficult for your dog to get the treat out. There is a range of toys available that can keep them entertained for a while. For example, you could use a toy that has to be thrown around to release the treats. Or perhaps a puzzle game, where your dog must use their paws to move the sections to reveal the hidden treats. If your dog likes a challenge and doesn’t get bored quickly, these are ideal.

Hide and seek games

It’s a dog’s nature to be inquisitive, and with that incredible sense of smell, they can hunt anything out, including your hidden treats. You could just use small dog treats and hide them around your home or garden for them to find, of course, if they don’t destroy anything in the process. You could also use the above dispenser toys and hide these to give them an extra challenge.

Magic tricks

Your furry friend is known to have a fantastic sense of smell, but when it comes to hiding something right in front of them, it can be confusing and fun! Something as simple as showing your dog the treat, and then placing a cloth on top of it will have them intrigued. This can be a great game, and every time, you’ll find they are surprised that you made it disappear.

Basic commands 

When you’re teaching your dog basic commands and rewarding good behavior, using CBD treats for dogs is a healthy way to make learning fun. Using food as a reward can make simple tricks such as sit, stay, and lay down super easy. Learning new skills is a great way to keep them occupied and interested. It’s always a good idea to reinforce good habits whenever possible because dogs can be a little stubborn. Simply holding the treat in your hand during a training session and repeating commands will instill basic commands. Once your dog has completed it, immediately reward them by offering the treat at chest level, so they don’t grab it.

Collecting toys and tidy time

Another fun game to get them involved in is tidying up time. If they have toys all over the house, then you can treat them when they bring it back to you. It’s quite a simple game to play; however, the need to understand the basics of fetching items to make the most of it; otherwise, they’ll be confused. For this, you just have to hold the treat in your hand and give the command; once they retrieve the item, open your hand level with your dog’s head and offer it to them, with a great big fuss for doing a good job.

Guess the hand 

Much like hide and seek games, guess the hand is just like that but on a smaller scale. Dogs love magic tricks, so hiding it in your palm will have them intrigued. Show them the treat and then with closed fists, hold your hand for them to sniff. They might be confused but encourage them to gently sniff your hands to see which one it is in. You’ll know when they know which side it’s in, and once they do, just turn and open your palm and offer the treat with tons of praise.

Frozen doggie treats 

A simple game for dogs is to freeze treats. This will keep them entertained for hours as they try to chew their way through it. It can be a messy game, so it’s probably best for outside play. Plus, it can be a beneficial stimulant during the summer months when they need something to cool them down. You can try several recipes, and your dog will love all of them. Why not make frozen popsicles or frozen fruit treats to get started.

Try natural recipes and CBD dog treats

When a dog is either learning commands or getting treats for tricks, then it’s easy to overindulge because you’re both having fun. Treats shouldn’t make up a lot of your dog’s diet, but to make them healthier, you can opt for natural ingredients and recipes to give your pet the perfect balance. Peanut butter is a favorite for dog training sessions, and they often go crazy for it, so this is an excellent addition to treats. CBD dog treats may also be a great way to assist older dogs with ailments such as pain, so they can still enjoy a trick and treat session. 

There are lots of little ways to give your dog healthy CBD dog treats all year round. By playing and interacting with them, it helps to stimulate their mind and keep them out of any mischief caused by boredom. Physical activity is good for all dogs and ensuring a healthy balance of dog treats in the diet will help to keep them in top condition inside and out.



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