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5 Terrific Things That Calming Dog Treats Have to Offer

5 Terrific Things That Calming Dog Treats Have to Offer

Anxiety can be a terrible feeling, but seeing your dog go through it can feel even worse. You can try to find coping mechanisms and strategies to help distract yourself, but you can’t really do that to a little pup. It can even drive some pet owners a little nuts just to find how they can help ease their dog’s feelings.

Treats can help take your pet’s mind off of discomfort and pain, but there are also snacks that have been formulated to help and regulate your furry friend’s feelings. If you’re looking for what exactly calming treats for dogs has to offer, here’s just a quick look at it:

Stress Relief

Just like for humans, stress can be common for dogs. It can occur in the moments you can anticipate such as a trip to the vet or when they’re trying to look for you. Too much stress, though, can be unhealthy for your dog both mentally and physically. Their bodies produce cortisol in response, which can be hard for their immune system to handle in excess.

Calming dog treats made with CBD can be integral to relieving the sudden stress that they feel so that they wouldn’t have to undergo sensory overload or just overdrive in trying to deal with their feelings.

Anxiety Reduction

Hand in hand with stress would be anxiety. If they’re unable to react or absorb the factors that are bringing them to stress, their feelings in response can go all sorts of ways. For dogs, it tends to be a fight or flight response where they’ll either react aggressively or run away. Though rare, dogs may also just find themselves immobile and paralyzed with fear.

CBD does have an effect on reducing the anxiety that your dog may be experiencing. It’ll lessen their likeliness of sudden hyperactivity, heavy breathing, and other responses that they might have to the sudden stressors they experience. 


Calming dog treats aren’t just made with ingredients for helping your pet feel more settled down, but it’s also created to provide nutrition. Most treats are made with natural components that can double as health supplements. Hemp extract and hemp seed oil can help in heart health and low cholesterol. It can also boost a dog’s bone structure and help reduce the pain of arthritis.

Good Sociability

When a dog is agitated, it can be hard for other people and dogs to approach them. To combat that irritation, calming dog treats can soothe your pets’ feelings so that they feel ready to be amicable towards other pups. 

Further Sleep

If you find that your pup is having a tough time falling asleep to stay alert as an anxiety response, calming dog treats might be the way to go. It’s safe for your pet to ingest, and they can get the right amount of rest needed to get back to their once cheery selves. 


It’s important to note that these treats are in no way a substitute for medication, but they can be a reassuring starting ground pet owners can go on with their fur babies. It’ll be reassuring to watch your dog slowly revert from its anxious state and watch them relax once again.

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